Nerdy 30 Activity #5: Emojiathon

I participated in a readathon! I found out about it from BooksandLala and decided to participate. Since I didn’t know about this until February was already underway, I decided to see if I could pull off the challenge. By the skin of my teeth, I did.

The challenges are based on different emojis and you pick 4. There was an official twitter with reading sprints and other interactive fun but I wasn’t sure I’d pull this off so I didn’t participate. I’d hope The Trees would be my 2016/2017 book but it was not meant to be.

Some categories were easy to rule out like romance or cry-worthy. Others I liked the sound of but ran out of month. What did I read, you ask.

A book about a marginalized group – Negroland

Read a book in under 24 hours – Good Riddance*

Freebie! Any book – NPCs

2016/2017 release – Fox Fux

You can find out more about each title in my upcoming wrap-up. I plan on participating in other readathons this year so I’ll keep you posted when the next one rolls around.

* – If you ever need a quick read for a challenge or something similar, graphic novels are usually great for this. Some have fantastic stories (real or fictional) and the visual element makes the story go by quickly.


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