Dangling the Carrot

There were full-time positions open at my job and everyone on the team was eligible for them. I applied and didn’t get it. I can think of a few reasons for this but a big one jumps to mind.

The day of my interview she gave me an assignment I had no idea how to do. The former lawyer had to plainly tell me what needed to happen because the particular skill necessary for the task was never taught to me. I had the information but it was a stretch to naturally put those pieces together. Knowing that was held against me definitely hampers my already limit number of fucks available for distribution.

My job is exploitative AF. I’ve been a temp since August 2015. During that time I’ve had no PTO, no raise, and only got sick leave a few months ago because of a county law. My boss gave me grief for not perfectly doing my remote hours when I was working while sick and she was on vacation. She’s been on at least 3 majors trips since she took over (think other continents) and I haven’t been on a plane since 2013.

I know from a friend that she felt exploited when she was passed up for a promotion. That’s hilarious considering her utter lack of consideration for the people underneath her. The person she was passed over for had excellent people skills but left to change careers. Probably a good decision overall. In addition to not liking my personality, my boss’s boss also says we’re “just temps.” In case I doubted how little we are valued, this drives it home.

I’m impressed my boss had the decency to show up in the office (she’s remote) and tell me before the big meeting. I honestly expected her to say who got it in the meeting because her managerial skills are really that bad. I’m content to stay and phone it in for a while because weddings are expensive AF but an end date will be set and I will be changing careers.

I decided if I was offered the FTE positon, I’d take it because money and human treatment but wouldn’t stay there forever. Now that I know that option is off the table, I don’t plan on making my exit easy for them. I’ve spent most of my tenure under this woman paranoid I’d be fired. She called me an asset to the team but won’t treat me like one. Since my employment is completely at will, I’ll set my plan into motion and decide how much notice I feel like giving them. Since I’m not the best the team has to offer, I’m sure they’ll be fine.


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