Nerdy 30 Activity #4

I planned on trying 2 book subscription boxes this year. The first is by a BookTuber Mercy’s Bookish Musings called Mothbox. She selects two books and sends them out internationally. Her mission behind Mothbox is to keep the focus on books rather than various paraphernalia. Did you know mail from the UK takes ages?

I was bad and was too excited to take pictures but each book was individually wrapped in deep maroon tissue paper, tied with twin and included a bookmark with a quote from the book. Everything was securely packed with a padding I will make sure to inflict on someone else in the near-ish future.

The books are Sufficient Grace by Amy Espeseth and The Handsworth Times by Sharon Duggal. The first is about two girls dealing with a dark secret in a religious community in rural Wisconsin. Based on the description, I suspect there will be a lot of natural imagery. The latter is about a family struck by tragedy and hard times in 1980s Ireland. These books are supposed to be beautiful and tragic. I look forward to reading them.

I loved the care that went into making the package pretty, the thoughtfulness behind the custom bookmarks, and the simplicity of the Mothbox. It will have a more literary bend than many other boxes so it will do well for your friends who prefer that. She’s also deliberately choosing lesser known books so it’s unlikely to overlap with your typical bookclub pick. Despite not having a lot of fanfare, it’s still a well curated box.

Since I included a book subscription box on my to-do list, one Mothbox and one Nocturnal Reader’s box get passes on being in my final 30. After that, everything must be included. I’m waiting for a theme from the Nocturnal Reader’s box that really sparks my interest. I plan on contrast them with Mothbox since NRB’s does include other things with its books.


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