Nerdy 30 Book #6

In the last couple of months, I started playing a D&D campaign with Jack, Sally, Magenta, and Riff. It was supposed to be an out of the box oneshot with most of us playing stock characters. We enjoyed it so much that we just kept playing.

During one of the campaigns, Magenta started talking about a book she was reading called NPCs by Drew Hayes. Magenta thought I would really like it so it was a recommended book I borrowed.

While it starts with a bunch of teenage-ish boys playing D&D, it quickly goes from our world into the world of the game. In the world of the game, the boys go into a tavern, have a drink, and promptly die because of meade + bad mushrooms.

The story truly begins when all of the NPCs see the scroll from the king. The now dead adventurer’s not showing up before the king could lead to death and destruction in their town. These four are about to go from being extras in someone else story to having adventures of their own.

It was independently published but feels like it was handled by a professional editor. It was similar to something you’d see from a small fantasy/sci-fi. In the beginning the four chose the roles for the parts they looked most appropriate for but wound up finding out who they were and what kind of adventurers they should be along the way. It was very entertaining and I loved it.

I will be borrowing the second one from Magenta the next time I see her. I can’t wait to see what happens to the characters next.


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