Cut It Out

I need to take this woman’s advice and cut my wardrobe in half.

It’s less of not being able to decide where things should go but not being able to store everything I have. I have ample room in my t-shirt and tank top drawer for more shirts than I can wear in a week but it’s getting really full again.

Categories are easy:

There’s quite a bit of overlap between work and weekend sometimes but there are some weekend exclusive items like my shark leggings or Icon for Hire tee. I only own a few ‘nice’ dresses and those are stored in garment bags. Some of my comfy clothes are just decent enough to wear to grab the laundry or make a quick library run.

Empty and minimize is the hard part. Mostly because I don’t have a metric butt-ton of spare time. I know it would be sorted into sell, donate, and store in case I lose weight again. And by store, I mean a vacuum bag in our linen closet, not where I’d be reminded of this constantly.

I’ve thought about a color palette more than the average Jane. I subsist on black, gray, a bit of navy and select jewel and earth tones. By select I mean almost no brown that isn’t costume based, a few olive green tops, no yellow, gold, or orange save one skirt, a bit of dark red or berry items and a bunch of blues and purples. I own a couple of bright red garments but that’s because of Deadpool and the Washington Capitals.

For some reason, I like blush/ballerina pink. I don’t currently own anything in that color but I wouldn’t be opposed to adding in one or two pieces. Other than that, my collection doesn’t need building. I have plenty of accessories. I just need to make the time to dump everything out and dig through it.


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