It’s Time

Lately, I’ve been thinking about authors and musicians who need to get their butt in gear and start giving their fans more of their awesome work.

Haim – The last time they came out with new music was in 2013. They blew up when they came out but it’s been 4 years. They lost relevancy after 2 years of nothing. It’s a group of talented women and we need more girl power this year.

J. Courtney Sullivan – She hasn’t made anything new since 2013. Commencement was great. The Engagements was one of the best books from that year (IMHO). It’s time for some more awesome female powered fiction.

Jasper Fforde – Thursday Next ended on a cliffhanger for the next book. Shades of Grey (published in 2009) is an amazing world with so much potential. I get the Dragonslayer series is making you money but FFS Forde, give the adults something! You’ve given us nothing by YA since 2012 and the best you’ve got is a Shades of Grey prequel in 2018? No! We deserve better and it’s time to deliver.

George R. R. Martin – I have no desire to read these books but I am very over hearing about everyone else who wants to finish the damn series. Put down the carbs and finish the damn books man!

Taylor Swift – Once a predictable record making machine, she’s off schedule with nothing but a few additions to her 2014 release 1989 and a new song for the Fifty Shades of Groan movie. Her last album was her best IMHO and she’s had two failed relationships since then. We know you’ve got the material. Put down the social media, stop achieving squad goals, and record some tunes please.

Katy Perry – I know she said she doesn’t want to rush this record but with her Hillary support, Trump take over, failed relationship with John Mayer, new relationship with Orlando Bloom, she’s got ample material to work with. Prism was released over 3 years ago and her Olympic single didn’t do well. I love her latest single and hope there’s more like it coming in 2017.

Within Temptation – One of the few bands I’ve seen in concert more than once, I’ve loved everything they’ve put out. Their lasts album, Hydra, was great but it came out in 2014. I think it’s time for more female fronted metal.


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