Casual Challenge Update

Since I’m casually doing 4 other challenges this year, I thought I’d check in at the end of January. How am I doing so far?

Pop Sugar Reading Challenge

  • 2016 Bestseller – The Nest (Advanced section)
  • A title that’s a character’s name – The Day of the Donald
  • Red spine – Stranger Here
  • Mythical creature – Cautionary Fables and Fairytales

A nice start to a long list. I don’t know why but The Nest had been speaking to me. It had a great deal of hype and took a while to pick up but I really enjoyed it. I didn’t click that Stranger Here had a red spine until I was skimming my casual challenges to see if it fit for any. The same with Cautionary, I thought about it for a second and realized a singing harp and lake monster are pretty mythical.

Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

  • Debut Novel – The Nest
  • Within 100 miles of my location – The Day of the Donald

The hometown/proximity shows up quite a bit but I don’t read a lot of books about my area. It was nice to finally be able to check that one off, even if it was spectacularly ridiculous.

52 Books in a Year

  • A book with at least 2 perspectives – The Nest
  • A category from another challenge – The Day of the Donald
  • A book by an author you’ve never read before – Stranger Here
  • A collection – Cautionary Fables and Fairytales

My January book about Jen Larsen’s journey with weight loss surgery was the first thing I’ve ever read by her. I have accomplished less than she had but never hated myself quite as much as she did.

Diversity Bingo

So far, no dice on this one. Reading this diversely isn’t easy.

I think after this month I’m going to aim for a bi-monthly update unless I have an extremely productive month. It would be nice to make some headway on Diversity bingo.


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