Women’s March and Nerdy 30 Activity #2 and Books 1-4

Saturday I participated in the Women’s March. It was surreal to know I was a part of the largest gathering in U.S. history, the largest global protest, and the first confirmed lie from the Trump Administration. It wound up being so much bigger than the organizers anticipated that we couldn’t really march.

Trump and his lackeys can pretend his inauguration had a better turnout but photos and metro ridership don’t lie. FFS, people in Antarctica were protesting. I remember Alicia Keys, Scarlett Johannson, and Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards. The signs were amazing and the fact that a gathering of this size garnered no arrests is beautiful.

We took over the city. WMATA was so slammed FHubs and I wound up at E Street Cinema and decided to take in a movie while things calmed down. After that, we headed to DuPont because I wanted to support a local business and buy a book that was empowering for women.

I know I’m supposed to be on a ‘no buy’ right now but I have no regrets about my purchases. I’m already 30 pages into the survival guide. Despite my distaste for politics, it’s time to get involved. When the going gets ugly, the women get nasty.


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