Nerdy 30 Activity #1

I had a mission to dress bookishly for a week. This was more difficult than I anticipated. My book cover skirt doesn’t fit at present so I had to get a bit more creative.

Tuesday I wore my Gryffindor cardigan.


Wednesday I wore my Archie comics hair bow.


Thursday I rocked my Scarlet Witch jacket.


Friday I wore the Harry Potter house necklace I made.


Saturday I wore this punny shirt.


Sunday I got cozy with my Deadpool winter sweater.


Monday I started a new week with my Deadpool cardigan.


I got a bit more liberal with comics since I don’t have that many articles of clothing that tie directly into books. Litograph has some amazing stuff but I’m remarkably pick about adding new things to my wardrobe. Bookish things that didn’t get worn that week were my I ❤ Books leather wrist cuff, my Cthulhu necklace, and my ‘I want adventure in the great wide somewhere’ tank top.


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