What I Don’t Wear

Time got away from me and I haven’t been able to give my closet a proper KonMari sort. I’ve also started my no frivolous spending fast. A short video from Bookish & Belle inspired me to think about what I never wear and therefore, should never buy.

Anything yellow – It’s my least favorite color on the planet.

Polo shirts – I blame Catholic school for killing this for me.

Long sleeved tops – I get warm easily so these almost never work for me.

Pullovers – Save Deadpool, I never wear crew neck sweaters. See above for why.

Maxi skirts – I’ll do it for a costume or formal dress but no casual maxis.

Button downs – Women’s button down tops almost never work with my arms and shoulders.

Hats – I don’t like things on my head

Acrylic, wool, or linen – Itchy AF

Sequins – Too pokey



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