6 Week No Spend

I was inspired by this video to take on a No Spend challenge. That vlogger is extreme and committed to no frills. This writer from Hello Giggles tried a modified approach. So from January 16 until March 1st, I’m not buying any books, clothing, makeup, or music. I don’t think I have any pre-orders for music but if I do, I’m not counting that against this.

I’m going to try to cut out any other impulse buys that creep up on me in that time. This is an easier time to do it since there’s no cons and FDH and I need to crack down on legit planning our wedding. This allows room for wedding expenses and a possible trip to celebrate me turning 30 in March.

I know part of this stems from boredom at my current job. I’m hoping that will change when I get a different job. If I’m not doing tedious work with unrestricted internet access, I’ll probably be less inclined to browse online.



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