Nerdy 30 Challenge Book #2

For Near I read Andrew Shaffer’s The Day of the Donald, a parody of what a Trump presidency might look like. It spoofs both the political players and spy thriller genre. This came out last summer before we knew how the 2016 election was going to shake out. We all need a good laugh and this book was high on the silly.

It started off pretty hilarious (Americans tunneling into Mexico) but quickly escalated from silly to ridiculous. I enjoyed some of the wittier jokes (Ritz Cracker Barrel) but wasn’t enamored with some of the crazier bits. It’s just not my personal taste.

The SJWs (Socialist Justice Warriors) bit bothered me. SJW is meant as a condescending term for people who believe in equality by some of the internet’s worst trolls. It’s meant to be insulting and demeaning so I didn’t appreciate how it was thrown around here.

Overall, I’d give this a 3.5. It was a fast and entertaining read. Not my favorite satire but enjoyable, especially with the inauguration of our first Cheeto in office right around the corner.


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