KonMari Cleanout

I’ve talked about minimizing before and have tried capsules for short periods of time. My style is a bit too eclectic to only have 30 items but I realized I was falling into the 80/20 trap. I’m wearing 20% of my clothes, 80% of the time. I’ve bought too much and feel bogged down by my clothing again.

Despite being a temp, I’m going to try to find some time this weekend to hardcore KonMari my clothing. Dump it all on the bed and dig through it until I only have what brings me joy. This includes the off-season stuff under the bed, coats in the coat closet, costume pieces, and fancy work clothes that I have tucked away.

I need to figure out what sparks joy that works right now and what sparks joy from one size ago. If I manage to lose weight, I’m not getting a whole new wardrobe but it doesn’t need to take up premium space in my apartment when my mother’s hoarding hasn’t spread to my old bedroom yet.

Hopefully I’ll find time to do books in the next month or so because I’d like to do a bookshelf tour at some point.


One thought on “KonMari Cleanout

  1. Yes!! I’ve had the Kon Marie book for about a year and I have yet to implement all of her strategies but I really love how she talks about holding an item and asking if it brings joy. And the big thing for me is being okay with letting things go when they no longer bring joy.

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