Music Monday: Full Steam Ahead

Steampunk is best described as Victorian futurism. It encompasses clothing, art, music, literature, and a variety of other things. So stick out your pinkie, sip your tea, and enjoy these steamy songs. Since it’s a new day and a new year, we’re moving forward, full steam ahead. Whether it’s to our destination or a massive train wreck remains to be seen.

Steampunk Revolution by Abney Park
Mechanical Girl by Voltaire
Behold the Machine by Vernian Process
The Watchmaker’s Apprentice by The Clockwork Quartet
Steampunk Pixy by Frenchy and the Punk
The Last Steampunk Waltz by Ghostfire
Transylvanian Concubine by Rasputina
Skeleton Goes to Town by Unextraodrinary Gentleman
Skeleton Key by Beats Antique
Iron Terror by The Clockwork Dolls
Concubine Waltz by Sunday Driver
Brass Goggles by Steam Powered Giraffe
The Gin Song by The Men that Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing
The Scariest Thing in the Dark by Insomniac Folklore
Running Out of Steam by The Cog Is Dead


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