2017 New Years Resolutions

I didn’t do a great job of sticking to my resolutions for last year but I plan on keeping things relatively simple this year.

Lose weight/get healthy

I’ve been counting calories for a couple of months in an effort to lose weight. I want to keep this trend up. No set numbers but I want to be healthier overall and fit back into my ‘thin’ jeans.

Pay off my credit card debt

I don’t like carrying around this debt nor accumulating interest on it. It’s got to go. I’ve gotten better at spending less and had some windfall help but I need to stop it from accumulating again.

Start a Roth IRA

The only retirement I have is a 401K from an old job and possibly a tiny pension. Neither have been touched since 2013 so at least I’ve got something but I’d like to get a personal retirement account started at my bank. It’s never too early.

Work with dogs

I’m not enamored with my job and the lack of benefits. If I’m going to have to be a SAHM when I have kids, I need to plan on having a skill that I can use to generate income. Changing careers so I can hopefully be an apprentice dog trainer should help me achieve that goal.

Read a lot of books

You’ve seen my Nerdy 30 reading challenge for the year. Again, flexible goal on enjoying a lot of the printed word.

Have more adventures

This could be trying to new pokemon hot spots, going to more festivals, or traveling.

No new clothes before my birthday

My birthday is the beginning of March and I needy very little by way of clothing. From January 1st to March 6th, no new garments. Exemptions are replacing something once I’ve established I can’t do without it.


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