Nerdy 30: The Books

I have talked about doing a book challenge to celebrate turning 30 next year and part of that is coming up with 30 books I want to read. I have figured out that there is some sort of theme for most months in the U. S. so I wanted to incorporate that into my challenge. Unfortunately, some months had nothing so I borrowed from months that had several things.

I’ve also liked the idea of doing a challenge of pairing opposites. I didn’t come up with enough pairs to merit its own challenge so I added them here. To finish off the list, I’ve added a few challenge staples that should keep things fun.

The Months

  • January: Weight Loss and/or Human Trafficking
  • February: African American History Month
  • March: Women’s History Month
  • April: Autism Awareness Month
  • May: Asian Pacific Heritage Month
  • June: LGBT+ Pride Month
  • July: National Wilderness Month (borrowed from Sept)
  • August: Mental Health Awareness (borrowed from May)
  • September: Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October: Disability Awareness Month
  • November: Native American Heritage Month
  • December: Non-Christian Faith/Culture

At least we made it halfway into the year before we had to start borrowing themes. December had no themes but since Christmas beats us over the head, I decided to focus on any of the other religions in the world. The on-theme books will be read in the applicable month.

The Pairs

  • Big Name Press – Penguin, Random House, Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins
  • Indie Press – A small publishing house you may never have heard of
  • Old – Owned for at least a year
  • New – Owned for less than 4 weeks
  • Short – Under 200 pages
  • Long – Over 500 pages
  • Near – Within the DC metro area
  • Far – At least 3,000 miles away from the DC metro area
  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction

I’m going to try to read the pairs close together but if I don’t immediately feel like reading a long book when I get done with short, I don’t have to.


  • Award winner/nominee
  • Recommendation
  • Celebrity
  • Translation
  • Non-western mythology and/or fairy tale
  • Genre I typically avoid
  • Library book
  • Book from a TV show

When trying to figure out an award winning book I wanted to read last year, I realized some of the nominated books were more interesting to me. Let’s not forget the runners up. Genre I typically avoid is that same as ever: self-help, Christian, sports, history, and romance. This gives me a lot to work with so hopefully I can find something I won’t dislike.

TV can be something a show is based on like GoT or an off-shoot of a TV show like Doctor Who novels. I love mythology and fairy tale tropes but the European ones are ubiquitous so I wanted to branch out and explore other stories.


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