The Nerdy 30

2017 is the year I turn the big 3-0. It’s a new era and the start of a year full of changes. Hopefully my body, life, and relationship will all change for the better. The country has completely gone to shit so something has to be good to counter balance it, right?

In addition to trying to get a lot of good things going, I’m also going to get my reading game on point. There will be 30 bookish activities, 30 diverse books, and a limit of 30 new books coming into my home.

Settling on a new, higher limit of books was easy. Last year I quickly discovered that 16 books was not very many. Throw in some of my bookish activities and it simply won’t happen. 30, however, matches the theme and is a much more realistic number.

As usual, gifts, books purchased with a bookstore gift card, and anything I get personally autographed does not count. Amazon cards will be up for debate when the time comes. Posts about the books and activities will be following shortly.



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