Casual Challenge Final Update

To the surprise of no one, these challenge wound up being less casual than I had anticipated. I put work into trying to finish them and check off books. It wasn’t until I realized I couldn’t do it all in a year that I had to ask myself what was the most important challenge I focus on.

That shifted my focus back to my main challenge and downgraded these two to the casual status they should have always had. If both of these places do 2017 challenges, maybe I can try again…

BookRiot Read Harder Challenge

I managed to check off 18 out of 24. Not too bad. I think BookRiot made a really great list for this year. It was diverse but easy to check off all the categories if this was your only reading challenge for the year. It definitely broadens your horizons and opens your mind. It definitely helped me.

Of the categories I did not check off, I had a few options from the decade I was born but was never excited about any of them. The audiobook that won an award was getting too dark and I decided to come back to it later. Partial credit for making a reasonable dent in a gripping but depressing AF story.

I still plan to take a stab at Head Scarves and Hymens but this was not the year for it. Maybe I’ll visit the Middle East in 2017. The first book in a series by a POC was on my TBR but I only managed to read the prequel. Politics was not happening after the 2016 election although I deserve partial credit for making a dent in two different books on the subject. I don’t know if reading anything political in 2017 will be a good idea either.


Popsugar Reading Challenge

  • Set in my hometown – The Year of Voting Dangerously by Maureen Dowd
  • Set in Europe – Hunted by James Patterson
  • National Book Award Winner – Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman
  • Road trip – The Curse of Jacob Tracy

For my latest additions, I grew up just outside DC, the hometown of politics. I didn’t finish it but I made enough of a dent that I’m counting this. Hunted is a modern update to Most Dangerous Game and it’s set in England. It was entertaining but underwhelming. 3/5 I did a full review of Neal Shusterman’s book for the Richer Reading Life Challenge. 5/5

No one said the road trip had to be in a car so I’m counting Jacob Tracy since he go to various parts of Missouri by horse and Idaho by rail, I’m counting it.

This year I managed to read 29 out of 40. The list was pretty intense for this year and would be manageable if it was your only challenge. Still, it would be a stretch for a lot of people.

Of the ones I did not finish, Political Memoir was mentioned above. I’m not a big fan of huge books so I didn’t read anything that hit 600 (but I came close). I wanted to read Oprah’s Book Club’s latest pick but the wait list at the library was insane. I finished the prequel but did not get to the original book. As someone who doesn’t vacation much and gets no PTO, I wasn’t too amped to read about someone else enjoying those things. As for culture, see Middle East above.

Protagonist with my occupation is on my ereader and I plan to read from that for a few weeks so maybe I’ll get to it then. As for future romance, I’m not big on romances so it’s not a shock this didn’t happen. My FMIL and FSIL recommended the same book but I never got a chance to read it. I love fall and winter so once it cooled off, I wasn’t interested in reading about summer.



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