That Was Unexpected

It’s no secret I’m not in love with my job. It’s thankless, pays below market rate, has no benefits, and is more than a little exploitative. People have been asking me what I want to do. After a while, I stopped caring. So I asked what brought me joy. From there I made a decision about what I want to do for a career.

I want to train dogs. Some of the highlights of my day are seeing dogs on my way to and from work. The owner of one of the newer dogs I see on my walk said her pup has started looking for me in the mornings. That made me incredibly happy and several owners have said I’m very good with their dogs.

If my ideal situation comes to be, I would be taking a very large pay cut from my already sub-optimal income but could apprentice to an experienced trainer. The plan was to wait until spring so I could save up some money and pay off debt. I may be paying off debt sooner than I expected

To make a long story short, my father got a little nutty before he passed and acquired a lot of old coins. I was able to find a coin dealer via the internet. I made around $200 for my first batch. I gathered several more coins the last time I was home. He has offered me $2500 for the latest batch. That is the entirety of my credit card debt.

There’s still more coins at home. I may finally be able to start an IRA. Boss Lady appears to have mellowed some because I got a chance to explain why my time reporting wasn’t ideal. We hit our annual goal so she has offered us some free ‘work from home’ days at the end of the year. If I keep beating my weekly average, I should be able to keep my job through the winter no problem.

If I can avoid spending money and any major work screw ups, this should put me in a good place to quit for my 30th birthday (early March). This worked out strangely well but is entirely logical so I’m only mildly suspicious.


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