I’m just here for the paycheck

Boyfriend and I got the same virus a couple of weeks ago. Mine stayed a cold while his became the flu. I was taking care of him while sick and attempting to work a full day on top of it. I wasn’t stellar at reporting my hours because I wasn’t doing so hot myself. At the first meeting after this happened, boss lady went on a slight rant that working from home has to be pre-approved.

I didn’t take time off because I needed to get paid. I didn’t want to be working from home while sick and caring for someone sicker but I had this annoying thing called rent. I get that I didn’t do my job and deserve repercussions but the hypocrisy here is just ridiculous. The worst part? Boss lady was on vacation while this happened. She wasn’t even around.

My boss works remotely so a lot of our meetings are done via skype. She moved our biweekly one-on-one from today to next Monday when she’s back in the office. She also pounced the second I logged on to my computer to ask when my Friday doctor’s appointment is. I answered and got no acknowledgement.

She spent 2 weeks in Thailand but we don’t even deserve 2 hours to go vote. Boss lady is great at doing the work that comes with her job but she has no business managing people. She has made it abundantly clear we don’t matter and a work friend told me Boss Lady’s boss even said we’re “just temps.”

Boss Lady and my previous supervisor both started as temps. They hired them after 6 months. They’ve been exploiting us for over a year. My previous supervisor was fantastic with people. One time she even told us, “You worked hard. Go home early.” I went from being respected to being disposable.

I’m not sure if this meeting move means I’m fired, on thin ice, or if it’s just Boss Lady’s gloriously half-assed effort to improve her relationship with her staff. I guess we’ll see.


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