Disturbing Revelation

I just had my worst suspicions confirmed. To fully understand the impact of this, you’ll need some set up.

I’m what I like to call a perma-temp. I’ve been at my assignment a very long time but I’m still just disposable staff. I get no benefits, paid time off, or raises. My job has no particular loyalty to me unless the choose to. I have a friend here so I know through the grapevine that the budget is not getting better and there isn’t a shot in hell I’ll be made permanent in 2017.

My previous boss wasn’t great at some of her work but was good at managing us. I never felt less than any of the other staff. Since our new boss person has come in, I feel less secure in my job and significantly less appreciated. Despite not even getting 2 hours to vote (which all full-time staff did), our current boss has taken about a month’s worth of vacation this year. It’s hard not to be resentful if I have to work while sick so I can comfortably afford to live but my boss can chill on a beach in Thailand. I literally work just under 40 hours most weeks. Haven’t I earned some sort of break?

An insider friend let it slip that boss’s boss doesn’t think of us as real staff people. “They’re just temps.” This explains a lot. Despite the fact that both of the bosses I’ve had started as temps, that doesn’t make us people. We are literally disposable to her. I don’t think my current boss, who is directly beneath her, falls too far from that tree.

I have confirmation that people running this project have no loyalty to me despite having over a year of my life and work. Why should I have any loyalty or commitment to them? They have no awareness or remorse for how exploitative their behavior is.

According to our peer review, I’ve been doing good work. We also have a team member leaving this week. My job is safe through the holiday because they need shit to get done. Come January, it’s anybody’s guess. It makes me feel a lot better about having a back-up plan.


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