Final Four Capsule Update

I will be making some minor changes to my final capsule to test out new pieces. I was on the hunt for new trousers on Black Friday. I struck gold and found flared leg jeggings in black and oxblood. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, oxblood will replace my purple skinnies.

While I love my EB comfy cardigan, I just ordered a slightly similar one from ModCloth. It’s a chenille blend with slouchy sleeves so it will be great with some of my tees. I’ll be testing this out now.

I’ve had a few ideas about how I want to do capsules next year but I’m not sure. I liked the idea of only having 101 pieces to start out the year but in trying to narrow it down, I realized I’d be leaving out too much stuff I liked.

A voice in my head said “If you don’t want to box it up for a year, don’t. There’s no rule that says you have to do this.” While I’m under no obligation to minimize anything, I like the idea of living with less and keeping things simple. I have to factor in leggings which most skinny women don’t because their thighs don’t love each other quite as much as mine do.

The current idea I’m floating around is multiple small capsules. Let me know if you’ve got any ideas.


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