Richer Reading Life Update

Despite moving the goalposts, I’m not sure I’ll be completing my challenge this year.

I’m on a library waitlist for Hag-seed (author over 65) but I can’t make other folks read any faster. I’d originally planned to read Jane Austen but I ran out of year so I’m toying with the idea of enjoying a copy of Macbeth I kickstarted.

As for seeing the movie, I’m rubbish about seeing things in theaters. I was waiting for my library to get in the DVD of Me Before You and I’m still waiting. I meant to see Inferno (it has to suck less than the book, right?). I’m hoping to see Fantastic Beasts since Boyfriend is getting more into Harry Potter. We’ll see how that goes.

I’ve got a library recommendation chilling on my shelf waiting for me to finish a nonfiction book about dogs. As for poetry, I have some library holds that just have to come in. I hope and plan to get everything done but we’ll see how that works out.


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