Final Four Capsule Wardrobe

Running from between Thanksgiving and Christmas, those four weeks will be my final capsule of the year.


I kept tops pretty simple. Mostly simple camis for layering and one fun tank. My tees are a nice mix of simple and funky graphics.

My suede jacket is the only rule bender. Since I had more than a few categories that were less than their maximum, I added this one to the mix. The Veil hoodie (in gray) was one I kickstarted hoping it would help keep my ears warm. The fleece leopard print top isn’t a perfect match but it was the closest Google could find me. Not pictured is a gray/white open cardigan from Eddie Bauer



I don’t wear many skirts this time of year so I only included two. One for the office Christmas party and other holiday events and a simple black skirt.

Like my skirt needs, my dress needs aren’t too demanding. I might wear one on a warmer day or if I’m feeling fun.

The reason I’ve got a couple pairs of lightweight leggings is because we’ve had a some warm snaps these past few winters. If it was consistently cold, it would be a nonissue but thanks to global warming, it might be 70 degrees on December 20th. Not pictured are my corduroy leggings and fleece-lined leggings, both black and my mid-wash and dark wash jeans.


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