Richer Reading Life Book 13

For a book about mental illness, I read Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman. I started it back in September but took a break because it was just something to get through rather than something I was fully appreciating. I’m glad I took that time because this book deserves to be fully experienced.

All of the art was created by his son who struggled with something in the schizophrenia family. Schizoaffective disorder is discussed in the story and it shows how much Shusterman knew going into this tale. In addition to being beautifully written, Shusterman shows how the line between reality and what is perceived as real blurs.

I began to see where reality blended into the schizophrenia narrative in Caden’s mind. I loved seeing what inspired the different events on the ship. I wanted that story resolved but wasn’t sure Shusterman could do it while naturally showing Caden’s recovery but Shusterman handled it masterfully. I cannot heap enough praise onto this book. Go read it.


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