Reading Richly in Hard Times

Our latest election has put me and many others through the ringer. We’re all coping in different ways. Mine is reading. Here are the changes I’m making to my challenge to get through the end of the year.

Woman in Politics: Not happening. I can’t touch anything that tastes of politics. I’m replacing this with Feminist Nonfiction

Audiobook: I’d like to finish Locke & Key at some point but it’s too dark for where I’m at. I am genuinely curious what will happen but it’s not what I need now. Honestly, I’m more into audiodramas than audiobooks. Same idea, bigger impact. I have to listen to one of my dramatized podcasts.

Ask a librarian for a recommendation: I don’t speak with the librarians at my library very often. I’m so familiar with what I want to read that I request it online and use self-checkout. Rather than go out of my way to make this happen, the library uses my history to recommend books for me so I’m swapping this for one of those.

Memorize a poem: I’m crossing this off my list. I could try to do it but I’ve had 50% of a poem stuck in my head since 12th grade. If I haven’t managed to memorize the other half by now, it’s not a BFD. I’m replacing it with Read Poetry.


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