Final Capsule of 2016

I am planning a new capsule

It will run from Monday November 28 until Friday December 23. Since I’ll spend 4 weeks in this capsule, I’m going to use the Power of 4. The categories are Tanks & Camis, Tees, Sleeved Tops, Leggings, Pants, Dresses, Skirts, Light Sweaters, and Warm Sweaters. Each category has a maximum of 4 with the option of one weekend exclusive item. I have some pieces I love but that aren’t exactly office appropriate.

Since I’m in the planning phases, I can already safely say that three categories will be skipping the ‘weekend bonus’ and one won’t reach it’s 4 item maximum. I currently only have one occasion where I want to bend the rules but I’ll be under the maximum for the capsule.

There will be one exemption to the capsule and that is a Breakfast for Dinner party I will be attending. It’s requested that we wear our PJs so I’ll be rocking some comfy loungewear. As always, loungewear is exempt from my capsule. Any jackets that will function as jackets are exempt but jackets that function like cardigans are included.

I currently have no need of costume pieces and the only occasion wear I’ll need has been built into my capsule.


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