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In these dark times, I need a reminder of what I’m thankful for this year. SuperSpaceChick to the rescue.

1. The Wrangler/Savior: What character would be most likely to chase after a turkey and what character would be most likely to save it?

The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland would chase after the turkey. Prim from Hunger Games would save the turkey. She saved a sick cat and gimpy goat. I think she’d be willing to spare the bird.

2. The Drama King/Queen: What book character would be most likely to start an argument at the table?

April from Commencement (by J. Courtney Sullivan). The hardcore feminist after Trump just won? I’d pay to see that.

3. The Space Cadet: What character would accidentally set the oven on fire?

Deadpool. He’s why we can’t have nice things.

4. The Loner: What character would most likely be a loner on Thanksgiving? (because, let’s face it, no one wants them there).

Peeves the poltergeist from Harry Potter. Would you invite him anywhere?

5. The Perfectionist: What character would be too preoccupied making sure that everything at the event is absolutely PERFECT?

Mrs. Bennett would make herself absolutely insance trying to make sure everything is perfect, especially if she still has daughters that aren’t married off.

6. The Embarrassment: Which fictional character has a littleee too much (AKA a LOT) of the holiday spiced apple cocktail?

Robert Langdon. He is a Harvard professor who has had armed guards after him while trying to stop a major catastrophe on 4 separate occasions. Tell me he doesn’t have PTSD.

7. What book are you least thankful for this year?

The Art of the Deal. Trump didn’t write it but he still gets credit for it.

8. What book are you MOST thankful for?

I’m currently escaping into Night Music: Nocturnes 2 by John Connolly so I’m going with that one.

9. Name one random thing that you’re thankful for 🙂

Hillary talked about successes and setbacks in life. I made a snarky comment on social media about how I’m familiar with setbacks but when to the successes happen. Someone pointed out that I have someone who loves me unconditionally. So I’m thankful for Boyfriend.


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