This is the way a nation ends

Not with a bang, but with a megalomaniacal reality star.

I am sad, disappointed, ashamed, and disgusted. I am genuinely scared for what the future will hold. Trump is a racist, sexist, ignorant, hateful buffoon with narcissistic personality disorder. Pence is almost scarier because he knows what he’s doing. With a completely Republican congress to back them, this country is about to usher in the greatest setback since the Civil War.

I feel hollow. I just want to curl into a ball and grieve for the country I thought I knew. I have lived here my entire life but it no longer feels like home. I have never lived anywhere else but I have never wanted to do so more than now.

The thing we never thought would happen did. They day many of us prayed would never come has. For anyone who wonders how Hitler rose to power in Germany, pull up a chair and tune into America. You’re about to see firsthand as we watch the beginning of WWIII, the New Founding Fathers, or gods only know what else.

For everyone who voted for a third party, I hope you’re fucking happy. You helped this to happen. Whether it was a protest or ‘voting your conscience’ the end is the same. We all lose.

I’m still figuring out what this means for me. Any federal government jobs I was thinking about applying for are out the window. I’m encouraging Boyfriend to consider moving further away from DC so that if the Pentagon or DC gets a lovely nuclear gift, we won’t catch as much radiation.

I know this will impact my reading since it’s my distraction and escape. I have made peace with not completing my reading challenge to the letter and doing what is best for my rattled psyche. I’ll let you know what changes.


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