Decision 2016

Honestly, it’s an easy choice. People complain about only have two major parties but this year the third party candidates are complete duds. John Oliver explains it rather well. For the TL;DW, see below

Spineless – Jill Stein can’t stand up to a 9/11 truther or take a solid stance on vaccines. I get she needs to appeal to a lot of people to garner support but if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for everything.

Clueless – Gary Johnson didn’t know what Aleppo was. Not where, what. When asked what world leader he admired and wanted to work with, he couldn’t name one person. How about the female president of Pakistan? What about looking forward to continuing to work with China in the hopes of democracy etc.? How about picking up where Obama left off and engaging with Cuba more? Or just bullshit with Nelson Mandela.

I don’t like politics but even I did better off the top of my head than a man who wants it to be his job. If he can’t BS about one person, dead or alive, for 2 minutes, Johnson has no right to remain in politics.

This only leaves the two big party options.

Tasteless, Tactless, and Brainless – Trump is a racist, misogynistic bully with a skin as thin as tissue paper. He has no experience and, if the debates are to be believed, no idea how our government actually works. He parroted Russian disinformation as though it were truth. When a staffer manhandled a reporter, Trump denied it, watched video proving it happened, and then said “Define touched.” He won’t release his tax returns and uses his charity to benefit himself. He delivered the most half-assed, redirecting nonpology when his ‘pussy grabbing’ ways came out.

I can even give you a short list of reasons why he shouldn’t have access to nukes:

  • Easily provoked on social media
  • Basically said “No, you are” during a presidential debate
  • Almost definitely has narcissistic personality disorder
  • Advocated the use of war crimes
  • He is a grown ass man who has tantrums
  • Do you seriously need me to keep going?

For me, there is only one real choice. Yes, I liked Bernie Sanders’s policies but Hillary has been training for this most of her life. She is the most qualified person to run for this office. Yes, she has made some mistakes and questionable choices but so has every politician, ever.

If you want to talk about corrupt politicians, go watch Adam ruin LBJ’s shiny image. He was a walking stereotype of a politician but he was effective AF. In addition to passing civil rights legislation, he also did a fantastic job creating community action initiatives. Who has spent her entire career focusing on women and families before it got her political power?

Fearless – Hillary Rodham Clinton has been a woman in a man’s world for a long time. She has put up with her husband’s shenanigans and still kept up her life in public service. She’s been a lawyer, senator, first lady, and Secretary of State. She lacks the charisma of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Elizabeth Warren but it has never stopped her.

We have wasted more tax payer money and time on Benghazi and her emails than we did looking into 9/11. This election year has been a glorious shit show and through it all, HRC remains composed. Can you say you’d be the same in her shoes?

I am a nasty woman who will be voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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