The Women in the Walls Can Just Stay There

As part of Spookathon, I read The Women in the Walls by Amy Lukavics. There was so much wrong here it’s easier to just list it.

  • It wasn’t well written.
  • The character depth and development was nonexistent.
  • I couldn’t tell what time period it was supposed to take place in until someone said “Harry Potter” halfway into the book.
  • Why does no one call the cops, ever? If this was 100 years ago, that would make since. Presently, everyone must just be stupid.
  • Why am I supposed to care about any of these people? I was given no reason.
  • There’s internet and Harry Potter so why no social media? Why does everyone act like they have no access to the outside world?
  • The weird stuff is never explained.
  • Why is the club a BFD?
  • Why does no one go into town? Why doesn’t anyone leave the bad house?

The only nice thing I have to say is that it’s an interesting concept. Everything else? Just no. It’s rare for a book to disappoint me so completely but Lukavics managed to pull it off. I’ll be skipping her other works.


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