Necessity Is the Mother of Fashion

I bought a super-soft black skirt at the RenFest a couple of weeks ago. It’s basically a maxi skirt and has a lot of swish. It was a bit small but the waist was elastic so I figured “It will stretch.” I wore it to work this morning. It didn’t stretch enough.

I’m counting my calories to try and lose 50 pounds so that skirt is going to hang out in my closet until spring and we’ll see where we are then. In the meantime, I’m a work in an outfit that doesn’t fit.

Fortunately, my mom got me a Vera Bradley sarong. It’s basically a giant rectangle of lightweight fabric in Plum Crazy. My desk chair is yellow (My least favorite color on the planet) and I used the sarong to cover the color and give my cube a little pop.

I always wear leggings under my skirts when it’s cool so I went to the bathroom, removed the too-small skirt, tucked my sarong into my leggings, and will spend an overlarge amount of time sitting today. Thank got my top matches my sarong. There is something to be said for capsule building around a handful of colors.


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