Richer Reading Life Activity 12

I managed to find a book that would make me uncomfortable. This is no small feat since it takes quite a bit to make me squirm. I follow a pathologist on instagram, routinely cut dingleberries off my dog’s fluffy behind, and it’s my job to clean out the fridge. I could go for the chick lit of the early 2000s or a romance novel but that kind of uncomfortable would more likely result in the book being on fire.

The answer came to me when I was on vacation with Boyfriend’s extended family in the Adirondacks. Each year the head up to the Fulton chain of lakes for bonding etc. Haunted Old Forge by Dennis Webster recently came out and was in all the bookstores. I had no idea ll of the places in that tiny town that were haunted. Boyfriend and I saw Suicide Squad in the haunted theater and always shop in the big General store. They even mention a place his sister routinely goes to for drinks.

I find the paranormal fascinating. It’s part of why Boyfriend and I listen to Jim Harold’s podcasts and watch Ghost Adventures. (We also mock Ghost Adventures because sometimes it’s just ridiculous.) However, I like the paranormal being something that happens to other people. Making it real and tangible definitely made me feel weird.

Of course, Webster made sure it wasn’t too tangible. There was no online resources to provide any of the EVPs or video Webster discusses in the book. When you can’t explore some of the evidence for yourself, it removes some of the reality. I was disappointed about that.

I didn’t start it until the trip was basically over and then read it off and on for a while. I finally buckled down and finished it as part of the Fright Fall Read-a-thon. It will remain an interesting addition to my library.


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