Spending Less, Sort Of

Since my credit card hack, everything is coming from my debit card and I’m more aware of my money.I want to make it go farther and last longer. I’m using apps that provide tangible rewards and I had a few things sell on Poshmark. I’ve been using RetailMeNot and Ebates when I’ve been shopping online as well.

I sold some books back to Powell’s and got a store credit. I’ve got a few more boxes to mail and ISBNs to enter before I’m done with everything. I’ve suspended Netflix for the time being. It’s barely getting watched, we have HBO and cable, and hockey season is coming. All things combined, it’s not a ton of money but it beats nothing.

I have several more expenses coming up, some by choice, others by necessity. Over the next six weeks, here’s where some of my money will be going.

  • Reddit gift exchanges: I want to do the Halloween one if they have it again this year and plan on doing the Christmas one. That’s it.
  • Halloween Music: I bought one CD and plan on buying a couple of more albums to get in the spirit of the holiday. I will scale back a bit from what I had been planning and only get 3 albums and a couple of tracks.
  • Camping: I owe a friend camping money from earlier this summer
  • Small Press Expo: It’s happening, we’re going, and I’m giving myself a cash budget. Last year was a free for all but this year I’m setting a budget, only getting autographed things that aren’t available at my library, and once the money is done, so am I.
  • Rent
  • Car Insurance
  • Medical debt
  • Skirt: There’s a black skirt I want from ModCloth that would be very practical for fall. I’m waiting for my store credit to come through before I buy it.
  • Renaissance Fair: It’s that time of year. Boyfriend and I love to go so we will be spending money on attendance and food. I will stop by and say ‘Hi’ to the vendors I know and love but I don’t plan on buying anything for myself this year.
  • Christmas is coming: Boyfriend is mostly done. My mom still needs a few things. I know one thing I’m getting at the RenFest for her.

For the reddit exchanges, I have the good fortune of having plenty of things in stock and getting a few items I don’t want as gifts. I have things set aside and ready for someone with a variety of interests so that (hopefully) won’t cost me too much to participate.

My friend is also not desperate to get the money immediately but I will pay him back by the end of the month. My mom can be a pain in the butt to shop for but my current plan is to ask what she wants, add in a Star Trek gnome and Kohl’s gift card and I’m done. I already have a couple of things.

There are some birthdays coming up but I can dig into my stockpile of existing gifts and Boyfriend and I share the friend gift giving responsibility so it’s not my sole expense.


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