I Know Places

My debit card has been hacked around once a year for the last few years. My bank catches and denies it almost every time. I had to request my money back once. My card was always in my possession each time. Because of this, I’ve removed and stopped syncing my debit card on websites I frequently shop.

This is the first time it’s been my credit card. I’m hoping to use this as a teachable moment for myself so that I have to sync my debit card and can only buy what I can afford. Right now, I can’t afford anything but that will change as the week goes on. I need to figure out who won’t be getting my money for the rest of September. Possibly the rest of 2016.

  • ModCloth: I need more money in the bank, less in debt, and my store credit to be applied.
  • torrid: I’m mad at their lack of customer service so we’re on a break.
  • Hot Topic: I’ve had about $90 on a gift card I’ve been trying to spend for 4 months. No dice.
  • eshakti: The last couple of things I got didn’t fit so we’re on a break.
  • Kickstarter: So. Many. Email. Updates. I want my inbox back!
  • Makeup: It’s still too warm and humid for me to bother with much so no compulsion to spend.
  • B&N: I’ve killed my last birthday gift card.
  • Etsy: I’m too broke for the good stuff.
  • Society6: I’m all set on stationary from now until the end of the year.
  • Redbubble: I don’t need any more tees at the moment.
  • We Love Fine, Think Geek, and Her Universe: Short of ordering my mom a Star Trek gnome for Christmas, I’m good on their gear.

There are still some places that will need my new information.

  • Amazon: I’ve got around $31.50 in store credit and almost at $5 more but I still need an active card if I want to order something.
  • ColourPop: Yes, I said I don’t want to order cosmetics but I want a bronze metallic lip for a costume, they sent me a coupon, and their lipsticks are $6.
  • iTunes & Bandcamp: I want to get some fun creepy music for Halloween.
  • PayPal: It’s such a widely used system that I’ll have to use it at some point.

I probably should sync my apple account to my debit card to discourage impulse music binges. But with my debit card changing so frequently, it was always a major pain in my hindquarters to stay on top of it.

I also plan on participating in the reddit Halloween and Christmas gift exchanges. I plan on sticking to a reasonable budget ($30) and trying to use what I’ve already got available to me to save money but you never know who you’re going to get.


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