Richer Reading Life Book 10

I was able to borrow Becoming Nicole by Amy Ellis Nutt which is a Pulitzer Prize winning book about a transgendered teen. She went from Wyatt to Nicole and it was a one helluva journey.

It was in journalistic style which kept an excellent balance between personal and objective. It reminded me of The Bling Ring but this with better writing and a more compelling story. Nutt was the unbiased narrator who told us about the boy in elementary and middle school who created problems. We heard about how the Maines family was split up and how the twins attended middle school in secret.

It was a beautiful portrayal of the family going through this struggle. They fought for equality and understanding, even among themselves. Nutt also provided factual, scientific information to match the personal struggle of this family. It even had a solid ending despite life usually not having such things. 5/5, would highly recommend.


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