September Capsule

I wanted to do a smaller, short capsule after my bigger, longer experiment. September seemed like a good month since I want no wardrobe restrictions  near Halloween. The difference is that this capsule only applies when I’m working. Weekends are fair game.

I have exactly one Sunday in September that has nothing booked for it. All Saturdays, remaining Sundays, and a couple of Fridays, are already spoken for. Some of my activities will require a costume while others can just be for comfort or themed for the event. My September is going to be hectic enough so I thought I’d keep it simple when dressing for work but give myself some breathing room on the weekends.

My plan to differentiate between the two is just to keep my capsule stuff in the closet and all non-capsule hanging clothes will go behind my costumes. My Friday events will come from my capsule with a few minor modifications.


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