Richer Reading Life Book 9

For a recommendation, I opted for a hard sci-fi novel recommended by one of my Twitter friends. Blindsight by Peter Watts deals with discovering another AI and the ideas of consciousness, identity, and AI. While it was interesting, it wasn’t my jam.

It lacked a lot the exposition I need to imagine, understand, and make sense of the world. Necessary information was given out at random intervals. I didn’t find out what went wrong with Siri’s relationship or WTF vampires were until far too late in the narrative. When describing what is discovered out in the Kuiper, it was so short and vague that I wound up googling for images.

The characters also felt underdeveloped or the development came in random spots in the story. I wanted to know that key piece of Bates’s history shortly after Siri started interacting with her, not at the halfway point in the book. I gave it a 3/5. While my Twitter friend and I like many of the same things, this book wasn’t one of them.


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