Capsule Video Critique

I found another video about summer capsule staples. Once again, it’s someone reiterating the one size fits skinny fashion advice.

Button downs – I have big arms for a woman. On a few occasions, I’ve bought clothing that wasn’t perfect in the body simply because the damn arms fit. Unless I feel like shelling out for professional tailoring, it’s not happening.

Bardot tops – I think they look fantastic. I have the shoulders to pull one off but I hate strapless bras. I can either defeat the purpose and wear a regular bra of be uncomfortable.

Denim skirts – My thighs touch so I always wear shorts or leggings under every skirt or dress I own. If I’m going to that much trouble, I’ll just wear denim capris.

Denim shorts – Great idea but because of thighs and body shape, I can’t do short shorts. They have to stop just above my knee at the shortest to look decent.

Chinos – I can’t knock these. They make sense. I just use regular or wicking capris for the same purpose. I have a similar skinny black pant I haven’t worn since June because heat.

Blazer – See button downs then add in my job being business casual even when important people are in town.

Pool slides – I’ve been using the same Old Navy flips for 5 years but she makes a valid points about the grip. However, white shoes? You’re asking for it.

Good sneakers – Accurate but Nike is famous for sweatshop labor. I preferred New Balance before I even knew they were a more ethical option.

Neutral bag – I’m partial to backpacks but never a bad idea. I’ve got a black leather Vera Bradley on my long term wishlist.

Beach Cover-up – Sensible but 90% of cover-ups out there don’t qualify as normal clothes.

Another example that while not all tips fit everyone, most of these have something valuable to say.


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