Pokémon No

While I’ve really enjoyed playing Pokémon Go, the game is starting to become repetitive. It’s constantly the same crap roulette: pidgey, spearow, weedle, rattata, and caterpie. It doesn’t matter if people drop lures or more people are playing. In order to get good mons, the user increase in the area has to be astronomical. In my area, most people don’t like being outside for another month.

The nearby list is a taunt on a good day. “We’ll pretend there’s a vulpix nearby but only deliver a pidgey.” 9 times out of 10, any good mons that I get are as surprising to me as the nearby list. I try to ignore it but it’s hard to ignore the picture of a mon you want staring at you from the corner of your screen. It’s more frustrating than anything.

I’m looking forward to doing MeetUps once the weather cools off and I can be outside without melting. Enough people plus enough pokéstops should finally equal some new mons in my pokédex.


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