2016 Books 11 & 12

Yup, more books. I found a discount code for the Book of the Month club that got me Ruth Ware’s latest book for $5 and free shipping. I have a respectable stack of library books to get through but I’m hoping to pick it up in September.

I may try a few different book boxes next year so I decided to try BOTM on for size. Like all subscription boxes, it renews automatically and it was nigh impossible to figure out how to stop it from the website. Fortunately a quick email to customer service saying I’m broke solved that.

One of the things I’ve started enjoying on YouTube is people reading CreeyPasta stories. Penpal is a novel based on some of those stories. I requested my local library get it but they declined. I was getting somethings for the reddit pokémon gift exchange and this book was $1 more than paying for shipping. I hope to read this as part of my spooky October.

The rest of August should be quiet when it comes to new books since I have no money and plenty of library books calling my name.


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