Richer Reading Life Activity 8 1/2

I have done half of the activities and it’s more than halfway through the year. I’m slightly worried. Concerns aside, I read a few pages of the Quran.

Unlike the Bible (Catholic or King James), it doesn’t open with the creation story but the righteousness and holiness of the book before you. It talks about the path you must walk, prayers for Allah’s favor, and how Allah will deal with disbelievers.

The PDF I found had the English on the right and Arabic on the left. The cadence, word usage, and overall message reminded me very much of certain passages from the Bible. A smidge of brimstone and reaffirming the holiness of the path you’ve chosen. I only read a few pages but I could sense some major similarities.

I’ve always respected the Muslim faith but now I’m curious about some of the myths and parables they have. Do they have tales like Job, Samson, Noah, and Lot? Maybe I’ll do some digging.

The 1/2 of an activity was finally not bringing any new books home for a month. End of June until end of July. I had more than a few I wanted to get but waited. Expect a couple of hauls in the month of August.


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