Richer Reading Life Book 7

I’ve got to read 16 books this year and I’m only on 7. I’m not comforted by this fact. At least the High Summer Readathon helped me check this one off the list. Takes place in Asia has been brought to you by Singapore Noir edited by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan.

I’d been hoping to finish Dear Reader but the anti-American sentiment might not be optimal for the circus that this election year is turning out to be. I will come back to it but not right away. Singapore Noir was shorter and easier to read. An anthology of mystery stories, this turned out to be better than I anticipated.

Like all anthologies, some stories were meh and others I enjoyed. The ones I rated 3 stars or less either didn’t fully explain what was going on or just didn’t speak to me. I think “Kena Sai” was my absolute favorite. There was something so incredibly subtle about it but you kind of saw it coming. “Murder on Orchard Road” is my next favorite. It was quite funny.

Last Time 4/5
Detective in a City with No Crime 4/5
Strangler Fig 5/5
Smile, Singapore 3/5
Reel 2/5
Mother 3/5
Kena Sai 5/5
Tattoo 2.5/5
Mei Kwei, I Love You 2/5
Spells 3/5
Saiful and the Pink Edward VII 3/5
Current Escape 3/5
Bedok Reservoir 4/5
Murder on Orchard Road 5/5

I wasn’t sure if this was a 3 or 4 when I first finished it so I let my thoughts settle and calculated the average. 4/5 was the average and ultimately feels about right. I’m glad I’m branching out.


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