Capsule Update

Wardrobes are an ever moving and growing thing. My capsule has seen some changes as well since I started it in June.

I have removed my tiered ruffle dress, snakeskin style swing tee, and culottes from my wardrobe entirely. My 11th Doctor dress will be shelved until it cools off enough for me to wear not-shorts underneath. My wrap skirt has been swapped for this shark skirt from ModCloth.

A patterned tunic from my mother and my red tank from MocCloth have been put on notice. I’ll see how I feel about them in the coming weeks. I’m currently waiting for a new top in an identical print to the shark skirt. I also returned the unused sports bra and will be donating my Old Navy work out top, a sports bra that never fit quite right, and a pair of workout pants.

This leaves me with 5 dresses, 4 skirts, 4 bottoms, 4 leggings, 2 camis, 5 ‘work’ tops (soon to be 6), 6 casual tops, 5 sweaters, and 5 costume pieces. With the space left in other places, I’ll be adding two tank tops I picked up at Firefly from Then Now Always and To Write Love on Her Arms. That still leaves me 5 below maximum excluding costume pieces. I’m at exactly 42 including costume pieces.

One thing I really want to do when I’ve got the time is seriously Kon Mari my closet. Dump everything I own on my bed and sort through it all.


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