Reddit Gifts Aren’t Giving

The last two times I’ve done a reddit gift exchange, I’ve been disappointed. I got out of my way to assemble a thoughtful, multi-faceted gift. This time and last time, I got one thing that were underwhelming.

My person liked cooking, GoT, a particular hockey team, painting and a few other things. I ordered a custom apron with matching pot holders in her favorite sports team’s fabric, a pretty bookmark, and some paint brushes. I read over everything she said she’d like, figured out what hit the most marks for the smallest amount of money.

I have never sent a one and done gift. Most of my past gifts received and given have had several parts. I think one and done is lazy and less fun but I’m beginning to think I got spoiled the first few times around.

For Harry Potter, I got a pocket watch pendant-style from China. While I wasn’t the easiest person to shop for, I could think of half a dozen other things I’d have liked better that would have required less shipping. I will never wear or use this item. I previously had one that was similar and it broke in under 12 hours. It was also in no way relevant to what I said I liked. A Funko pop or coloring book would have been better.

My latest Santa was overseas and requested I give him an Amazon list. No problem. I figured out what I really wanted, put it all on my main wishlist, and sent it to him. 15 out of 17 items were under $20, several were under or around $10. He then sent me an Alice in Wonderland Funko Pop figure.

I have a thing for Alice in Wonderland. Big fan. This was a nice and thoughtful gift. Had he just sent this, I’d have been OK. I might have been disappointed with the scale of the present but not the thought that went into it.

I’m disappointed because I went to the trouble of making an affordable list and sending it at his request. If you’re going to ignore the list you asked for in favor of not spending more than $10, don’t bother asking for it in the first place. If I’m going to drop $40 of present on a stranger, it’s fair to expect more than $10 from someone else.

I’ve gotten some incredibly thoughtful, mutli-faceted gifts. People paid attention to what I liked and shopped/gave like I did. I’ve only been disappointed the last two times which isn’t too bad all things considered. However, money is tight. If I’m not going to get as good as I give, I’m going to scale back on what I give.



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