Beautiful Men and Brilliant Women

I think Jenny Slate is brilliant. She’s an outspoken feminist who takes on topics most people are afraid to touch. I enjoyed her film Obvious Child and how it dealt with the realities of dating and abortion. She’s also hilarious.

When I saw she was dating Chris Evans AKA Captain America, I was thrilled. Chris Evans is your standard issue action hero heartthrob. A lot of women would give their left boob to go on one date with him. Jenny Slate gets to date the guy she would have crushed on in 7th grade.

What makes me happy about this is that Slate, while attractive, is ordinary looking. You could find any number of women at a bar in New York who look like her. It’s her writing, humor, and intelligence that makes her remarkable. Out of all the gorgeous women Evans could have, he chose the smart and funny one.

I have no idea if it will work out in the long run but I always root for celebrity loves. It’s hard enough finding someone you like without all those added pressures. Some are speculating it’s a publicity stunt for their movie coming out next year. Even if it is, Evans is helping send a powerful message to young men.

You could see the tide turn when George Clooney married Amal Amauddin. These gorgeous men didn’t pick the hottest woman in the room but the woman who was smart, intelligent, and interesting. They opted for someone who would challenge them instead of a sycophant.

We internalize what we see so the young men who see celebrities they admire choosing women who are smart and interesting. While these woman are also beautiful, that’s not what sets them apart. It will increase the likelihood that those young men will date someone who is clever or interesting. They’ll see women as equals instead of something there for their viewing and mating pleasure. For that, I am grateful. Celebrity men, please keep dating intelligent and interesting women.


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