The Power of Firefly 6

Firefly is a huge outdoor music festival in Delaware. Our bar trivia has been giving out free tickets as prizes. Since we’ll be camping to save time and (in theory) money, I’m going to be outside for 4 days. In the middle of summer. In the mid Atlantic.

I needed clothes that were made for sweating.


I have a couple of short sleeves for the off chance that it gets chilly and plenty of sleeveless tops. I’m going off capsule for one top since it will be sweaty, dusty, and dirty.

Not pictured: Old Navy white workout top with built-in sports bra, purple Cariloha tank (backup for emergencies)


If I was going to sweat in a shirt all day, I needed a better bra to sweat in all day. I’ve got 3 sports bras with the hope I can rinse one out in the shower one night.

Not pictured: A not-a-sports bra. The uni-boob sports bras give me cause problems with seat belts.


All described as wicking fabrics and I’ve got a pair for each day. I’ll likely add an extra pair of ordinary cotton capris just in case.

Not pictured: Speckled pants in purple, pair of black track pants

Some of the capris may come out if I’m going to do something active but otherwise will relax unless exercise and sweating will happen.


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