Music Monday: Birthdays

I know my birthday was back in March but most of my friend’s birthdays fall in bewteen the end of May and the end of October. There are so many birthdays some of us voted to start combining parties. Thank gods. In honor of ‘birthday season’ kicking off, here’s some birthday music.

Happy Birthday My Olde Friend by Aurelio Voltaire
Pity Party by Melanie Martinez
Birthday by Selena Gomez
Birthday by Mya
In Da Club by 50 Cent
B’Day Song by Madonna
Birthday by Destiny’s Child
Birthday Present by Mirah
Happy Birthday to You by New Kids on the Block
It’s My Birthday by Pixie Lott
Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder
Happy Birthday by The Beatles
Birthday Present by DC Cardwell
Trip Around the Sun by Jimmy Buffet and Martina McBride
Happy Birthday by Click Five
Happy Birthday by Weird Al Yankovic

Not an abundance of variety on the song names. Oh well, a very happy unbirthday to you.


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