Power of 6: Awesome Con

My Friday costume didn’t work out how I expected. It’s summer and my thighs touch so I wear shorts under dresses. My 11th Doctor dress clings to my shorts. It was driving me nuts while I was moving around our small kitchen trying to make breakfast. I had to change outfits at the last minute.

Having a capsule made this a billion times easier than it normally would. I just surveyed what I had, cross-checked that with what I could wear to work (no monster skirt) and came up with a more everyday look. I got several compliments.

My River Song dress work out very well and I had no problem going all day in my new boots. However, my new brown leggings were too big. I returned them for store credit m, used an existing black pair, and will order a replacement pair in another color.

My last day look was casual. I wore my Kylo Ren tank most of the day and picked up a new tee in a design I’ve long loved from one of my favorite local artists. I test drove it to my friend’s GoT viewing. I count the hoodie with ‘jackets’ and mostly used it because the con was heavily air conditioned. I wanted to give my work sweaters a break.

I’ll likely stash my new tee until fall since it’s summer but I’m not 100% sure yet. We’ll see how the ModCloth expedition goes.


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