Book Tag: Currently Reading

Since I’ve got so many library books, this book tag seemed very appropriate. From Little Red Reader.

1) How many  books do you usually read at once?
I used to straddle several until I realized I got less read in that time so I try to keep it to one, maybe two.

2) If you’re reading more than one book at once, how do you decide to switch? Do you read a certain number of pages?
Whenever I hit a good stopping point or just need a change.

3) Do you ever switch bookmarks part way through a book?
Almost never. I typically use tickets since they’re thin but sturdy card stock. I used to use $2 bills I got out in the world but 3 out of 4 have mysteriously disappeared. Occasionally I use library receipts out of impatience but I almost always use the same bookmark I started with.

4) Where do you keep the book that you’re currently reading?
It’s either in my bag or on the couch near my bag so I don’t forget to take it with me.

5) What time of day do you spend the most time reading?
I either read on my commute in the morning and evening and a bit in the late afternoon on the quiet day

6) How long do you typically read for in one go?
It really varies. How long is my train ride? Do I have anywhere to be soon? Am I waiting on something/someone? I think I’ve maxed out at 45 minutes as of late.

7) Do you read hardcovers with the dust jacket on or off?
Off. Always. It’s such a pain to keep in one place when reading.

8) Which position do you mainly use to read?
Seated on the train with my backpack in my lap, leaning with my elbow on some pillows on the couch, having pillows prop my back up on the couch and facing forward, standing on the train holding a book with one hand and something stable in the other.

9) Do you take the book you’re reading everywhere you go?
Almost always. If I know I will have no downtime to read and don’t want to lug the weight, I’ll leave it. If there’s a chance I’ll have down time, it’s coming with.

10) How often do you update your progress on GoodReads?
Whenever it occurs to me. Sometimes I’ll be in a tunnel on the train, think about updating, and forget for another 50 pages.

11) Who would you like to tag?
Everyone! Consider yourself tagged if you’re interested.


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